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Christian Teaching

We will spend time each week teaching valuable life lessons rooted in the Bible

A Safe Place for Everyone 

We will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and cared for

During the School Year


All Ages are Welcome

We have classes for school age children, adults, and moms with preschool children.

White Structure

Register Your Kids Here!

Please fill out a form for EACH school age child participating in Sunday School. After each form submission, scroll up to submit another form. Registration for Adults and Guests not required

General Release and Waiver

I understand and acknowledge that Living Hope Community Church will not allow the minor to participate in the Activities without releasing and holding Living Hope Community Church harmless from any liability arising out of participation in the Activities. I understand there may be risks involved in the minor’s participation in the Activities and fully assume such risks on his or her behalf. I REQUEST THAT LIVING HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH ALLOW THE MINOR TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITIES, AND IN CONSIDERATION THEREOF AGREE HEREBY TO RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE LIVING HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH, ITS OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, AND ITS EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AND ANY PARTIES VOLUNTEERING ON BEHALF OF THE CHURCH FROM ALL ACTIONS, CAUSES OF ACTION, INJURIES, CLAIMS, DAMAGES, COSTS OR EXPENSES OF ANY KIND GROWING OUT OF OR RELATED TO ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES IN WHICH THE MINOR PARTICIPATES. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A FULL AND COMPLETE RELEASE OF ALL INJURIES AND DAMAGES WHICH I OR THE MINOR MAY SUSTAIN AS A RESULT OF HIS OR HER PARTICIPATION IN ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES, REGARDLESS OF THE SPECIFIC CAUSE THEREOF. I further acknowledge and agree that I have given my consent for the minor to participate in the Activities and to remain in the custody of the Living Hope Community Church representatives while participating in the Activities. I further acknowledge and agree that I give consent for the minor to be photographed during VBS activities and I give my consent to allow LHCC personnel to publish photographs or video for VBS promotional materials to be used in the Boissevain Recorder or to be reproduced in video/slide show format on DVD without any financial compensation or further consent. This agreement is binding on the minor’s heirs, successors, and personal representatives.

Thanks for registering! Check your email (or junk folder) for a confirmation email.

If you have additional children, please register them as well. 

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